gone fission
January 14, 2004
bought salvia today. smoked a lungful, and it feels great. only problem is that it accentuates whatever the temperature feels like. it is for this reason and this reason only that i feel salvia is a summer substance. shrooms are for the winter, because you just dont care. and usually you have a place to go if youre doing shrooms. salvia is best done walking through woods. yyyyeah.

January 13, 2004
had a shift today. that really pissed me off. goddamn fulton is an asshole. i called twice before talking to hiim to tell him i couldnt be there on time. both times i was never told to contact him, finally, an hour before my shift, i call to confirm whether or not anyone will be replacing me, and i get in shit because i didnt contact a manager on time. fuck you, i left messages, its not my problem if they cant read them.

and now im going to bed where the sweet embrace of my pillow should set me right to sleep. that and the anticipation of this weekend. this should get interesting.
so this is blogger huh. well.

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